To ensure the best possible service for your vehicle, please look over the following checklist before you drop off your vehicle.

Please remember to:
  • Remove all items, especially in the trunk compartment, so that we may gain access to the area for repairs.
  • Remove all parking stickers, passes, remote controls and sunglasses.
  • Disable all automotive, audio alarms and provide us with your radio code.
  • Bring all keys for locked items such as wheel lock and spare tire locks.
  • Bring all insurance paperwork including any insurance checks to copy for our files.

Target Date

The target date is the date we expect repairs to your car to be completed. Please note this date is is an estimate only; factors beyond our control, i.e. hidden damage, parts availability, insurance company delays, can affect the completion date of your car. We will make every effort to complete repairs to your vehicle by the target date.
Work will not begin until all parts have arrived so that we may assign individual technicians to focus exclusively on your vehicle from s
tart to finish.

Car Rental

We work closely with Enterprise Car Rental in Gaithersburg . When dropping your vehicle off with us, Enterprise will pick you up and drive you to their facility.
As an additional service to all our customers, when your car is complete, you may leave your rental car with us at Paintmasters and Enterprise will pick it up for you.
If you need a car, our unique partnership with Enterprise Car Rental allows you to call them in advance and they will have a rental car ready when you arrive at our facility.